Winery Nett

Country: Germany

Category: Commercial Building

Type of Construction: Bearing System + Roof and Wall Panels

Winery Nett

Location: Pfalz Duttweiler, Germany

Contractor: Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett

Architect: Architects Collective




Tradition and Modern Spirit

The Nett Winery, located in the Pfalz wine region of Germany, can be described as a light, modern, generous and representative building. Comprised of two long-stretched halls as well as a covered passage, it looks like a geometric ray ready to unfold across the landscape. Inside the building, the wine ripens on a vast space of nearly 4,500 m². The challenge was to design a completely new building with staggering dimensions of 60 to 80 meters, which will house the entire production processes of the winery and warehouse, sales area and office together with living spaces for the family of winemakers under one roof. 

The supporting structure of the hall consists of glued laminated timber beams that span up to 25 meters above the huge complex, so that all areas are kept completely free. This flexible layout will make it possible to make changes usages of the rooms in the future. A shell of thermal insulation pre-fabricated roof and wall wood elements covers the building throughout. In conjunction with the non-structural concrete pumice acting as a climatic storage, an excellent energy standard is achieved. The generous cantilevered canopies towards the south and north make it possible to work outside, protected from any weather conditions.