Efficient and high-precision CNC manufacturing

With one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, WIEHAG is able to manufacture our products using the most cost-effective methods. We manufacture individual components with a length of up to 50m. We set standards in the industry using construction techniques, which are so flexible that we can create bearing systems with a clear span of up to 300m. The entire manufacturing process is CNC-controlled to guarantee our customers high precision and plenty of architectural freedom with regard to design.

WIEHAG employs manufacturing experts, using the latest state-of-the-art technology - from mechanical strength sorting to CNC joinery - our systems guarantee the highest precision. A complete quality assurance system with accurate laser, x-ray and UV controls ensures high safety. Our processes and procedures comply with the following certifications: DIN, EN, ÖNORM, ISO 9001. The PEFC and FSC seal of quality guarantees using wood from sustainably managed forests.     


Manufacturing process

Wood sorting

In the course of pre-sorting, wood lamellae are carefully examined for defects 

Wood drying

Requisite equilibrium moisture content of 10 to 11 per cent is achieved in drying chambers and air conditioned halls

Finger jointing

Finger joints are milled at the ends of the boards and the glue is applied 

Gluing and pressing

Gluing to "endless lamellae" – At WIEHAG, curved glulam beams are always glued in a unique CNC-controlled press bed, and straight members in hydraulic presses


Finally, CNC joinery and manual trimming are performed. The fully automatic Hundegger joinery machine delivers precise and flexible processing. Client specifications related to aesthetics, shape and accuracy are achieved through manual trimming, sawing, planing and milling

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