AMAG Ranshofen

Country: Austria

Category: Industrial Halls

Type of construction: Bearing System

AMAG Ranshofen

It was critical for us to be able to cover large spans without intermediate supports. We were won over by WIEHAG’s technical competence and delivery reliability.

Dr. Helmut Kaufmann, Chief Technology Officer AMAG Austria Metall AG



Project specs

  • Location: Ranshofen, Austria
  • Client: AMAG, Ranshofen
  • Services provided/type of construction: Bearing system


Project details

  • 540 m in length
  • 200 m in width
  • 26 m in hight
  • 50 000 m² roofed area
  • 6000 m3 of glulam timber
    • 172 double tapered beams
    • 160 primary beams
  • around 2800 wooden components
  • around 50 tons of steel components and fasteners
  • 100 special transports for total lengths of 46 meters
  • 7 months of construction time