Glued laminated timber

Best quality timber, comprehensive consulting

Glued laminated timber consists of timber lamellae glued parallel to the grain. During the manufacturing process, a laser identifies imperfections, which are removed at a later stage of the pre-manufacturing sorting process. Finished glulam beams have a high load-bearing capacity; this quality makes glulam an ideal building material for bearing systems. An additional advantage of the manufacturing process is the formability of the timber members. WIEHAG offers both straight and curved beams in a variety of sizes within short delivery periods. The natural aesthetic of timber meets the exceedingly demanding requirements of a number of high-profile building projects by renowned architects, such as the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station in London, designed by Lord Norman Foster.

WIEHAG services for glulam

  • Advice from our master carpenters and engineers
  • Pre-dimensioning and detailed engineering
  • Manufacturing of custom sizes
  • Factory assembly with CNC-controlled systems according to specifications or our own detailed designs
  • Our in-house engineering office develops innovative detail solutions for steel connections that exceed structural requirements and are readily available as an assembly kit
  • Coatings
  • Logistics

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