Bearing Systems

The aesthetic quality of a timber solution is undisputed. Our bearing systems also set new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness. WIEHAG timber solutions are lighter and more economical than comparable constructions using other materials. They also feature exceptional acoustics, excellent fire protection properties and are resistant to environmental and chemical influences.

Bearing System Types

Solid Glulam Truss

Solid Glulam Trusses  are support beams made of glued laminated timber. Economic considerations determine the combination of different beam shapes. These include double tapered beams – arched and straight bottom chord, fish-bellied girders, parallel beams, single-pitched beams, and special components.


A truss is a support structure comprised of several elements. The top and bottom chords and tension rods are made of glued laminated timber.  The ties can be made of either glued laminated timber or steel.

Freespan Truss

Freespan is an economical truss system for arched or double tapered roof systems. Laminated veneer lumber replaces cost-intensive steel components (e.g. steel connectors/plates). The Freespan is a patented system designed by WIEHAG engineers, which has won critical acclaim.

Trussed beams

A trussed beam or girder forms the transition between the truss and the solid glulam truss. Fewer connecting rods are needed in this configuration, but this generally results in bending stress for the compression chord.

Frame Systems

Frame systems are cost-efficient support structure solutions (beams and support columns) for optimized load distribution in challenging assembly situations - for example, when it is not possible to transport heavy precast concrete elements to the building site. Shapes as a design element include: standard system for frame corners, arch frames, finger-jointed frame corners, and special frames.

Purlin systems

Purlins are structural components that run parallel to the eaves and support the roof membrane. They can run on the girders, or be suspended between them.

Support systems

Support systems made of glued laminated timber are an economical alternative to precast reinforced concrete or steel support when a project is conceived as a integrated timber solution. Fixed supports or articulated columns, as rectangular, square or cross-shaped cross-sectional elements, can be used for load distribution. Glued laminated timber façade supports or structural timber are suitable as an assembly substructure for façade elements and for transferring wind loads.

Bridge structures and prefabricated bridges 

Bridges are the prime example for the longevity of wood as a building material.  Wood has been and continues to be used to construct bridges when particularly rigorous climatic demands exist, such as weather resistance in Alpine regions.

Special buildings and structures

Special buildings and structures by WIEHAG represent structurally and architecturally challenging projects. They require considerable engineering and installation expertise, which WIEHAG has accumulated through decades of experience in structural timber engineering.

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