Milestones in engineered timber construction

Milestones at a glance - from 1849 to the present


Start of a success story

Josef Wiesner registers as a member of the carpenter’s guild of Altheim, Upper Austria.


One step ahead

The carpentry acquires the first mechanized saw and fulfils commissions in the immediate vicinity.


From trade to industry

In 1921 Rudolf and Sebastian Hager take over the business, which from then on is operated under the name "Wiesner-Hager". They expand the company, adding the production of furniture, chairs and tables. Wiesner-Hager becomes the largest manufacturer in this field in Austria and furnishes numerous households, schools, cinemas and concert halls over the coming decades.


A milestone for glued laminated timber construction

Acquisition of a licence to manufacture triangular truss systems and formwork girders  (DSB-Dreieckstrebenbau-Träger) as well as expanding engineering prowess propels the company to the next level and serves as the foundation for today’s glulam manufacturing. 

From this moment on, roof systems are delivered throughout Austria from the company headquarters in Altheim.  


Let's go overseas!

Construction of the Austria Pavilion designed by Gustav Peichl at the World's Fair in New York is designed by our construction engineers and shipped overseas.


Pioneering performance in Klagenfurt 

WIEHAG builds the new Klagenfurt Exhibition Hall with a free span of almost 100 metres and a snow load of 200 kg/m2.

With this groundbreaking engineering achievement, the Altheimer company has established itself as a trailblazer in engineered timber construction.


WIEHAG GmbH is founded

Wiesner Hager KG is reorganized into the companies WIEHAG (timber construction, formwork, construction) and Wiesner-Hager furniture.

Dr. Erich Wiesner takes over the management of the WIEHAG Group as a majority owner.


Europe's largest plant for glued laminated timber construction

Major investment in building Europe's most modern plant for glued laminated timber construction using the latest technologies such as automatic sorting according to strength grading and the first CNC pressing jig for beam lengths of up to 50 metres.


Expansion of panel production 

Further plant expansion for the manufacture of large-area panels for roof and wall.


From 2001 onwards
Spreading Your Ideas 

WIEHAG enters the European arena with large-scale projects and challenges the steel construction sector. In 2001 and 2002, the ice-skating rink in Erfurt and the Neue Messe Karlsruhe were built with the largest engineered timber freespans.  Another engineering marvel was Elm Park 2007  - a hybrid construction of wood, glass and steel. In 2010 a multi-storey office building was built in Garmisch-Patenkirchen.


2014 onwards
Next Level Engineering:
International architecture

WIEHAG develops and designs internationally renowned architectural structures such as the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station London (Foster + Partners) and the Macallan Whiskey Distillery Scotland (Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners)


Schweighofer Award
Grand Prize Dr. Erich Wiesner



Dr. Erich Wiesner is honored with a lifetime achievement award for his role as head of Europe's leading timber construction company and champion for the timber industry.

Schweighofer Prize


The Macallan Distillery



798 beams, 2,447 roof decks and 380,000 individual parts form the most complex wooden roof structure in the history of WIEHAG.