Wood - flawlessly ecological

As a family-owned company – now in its 5th generation – WIEHAG has been following the principle of sustainability for over 170 years, which means that we treat our precious resources with utmost respect. We hire highly-qualified personnel, and source the best materials from sustainably managed forestry.

Dr Erich Wiesner, Owner and CEO




Certification in sustainable forestry


At WIEHAG, we attach great importance to the sustainability of the entire value-added chain from the forest to the final product. We are committed to sustainable management practices including forestry management, manufacturing processes, and logistics. The FSC® and PEFC™ seal of approval confirm our dedication to environmentally friendly policies and procedures, which we hold in equal regard to our achievements in architecture and innovation. 

Wood - the ideal material


  • Wood binds CO2

One cubic meter of Wood binds one ton of CO2. While growing, trees absorb CO2 from the air and Keep it in storage also when used as building material. At the same time, new trees are planted.

  •  Wood keeps growing back

Nearly half of Austrias Surface Areas is forest. Namely 4 Million hectares, as big as the whole of Switzerland, and we are growing more trees than we harvest.

  •  Wood is a highly technical material

Intensive research and development have revolutionised timber construction and allow for high-storey buildings and wide-span beams.

  • Wood is light in weight

Wood is ideal for adding extra storeys to already existing buildings, it is much lighter in weight than concrete or steel. This also facilitates transport.

  • Design: Everything is possible

Highly renowned architects are transoforming the world's oldest building material into contemporary and futuristic designs.

  • Wood just feels good

Wood is a natural living material and the first ever building material used by mankind. When living or working in a space made out of wood, we feel an emotional and physical connection with its aesthetics.

  • Wood doesn't produce waste

At the end of its lifecycle, wooden building material can be reused or transformed into electricity and heating.

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